Monday, July 30, 2012


An excellent tool for new writers...
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Friday, July 27, 2012

#FF - Friday I am in love!

Well I do follow Friday. And I do like "Friday I am in love"...
Is it really any different tough?
Any different from the other days?
Is it so special that Twitter has a whole category named #FF?
Is it so special that Cure used to sing "Friday I am in love"?

I want to be in love every day and live every day and enjoy my life. It's a waste of time to only wait for Fridays; we need to find a way to savor life daily, constantly.
Live your life at the fullest and be tired! Be exhausted! That's the fun...
I don't want to die on a Thursday...I would have missed another Friday by only hours!!!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

No nice guy after all!

I really love this song...What can I say? They say it all...

When I was young I was the only game in town
I thought I had it down for sure,
But time went by and I was lost in what I found
The reasons blurred, the way unsure
I thought that I was living life the only way
But as I saw that life was more than day to day
I turned around, I read the writing on the wall
I ain't no nice guy after all

These guys just don't exist! Unfortunately... :(
I really love fangs...can you tell?

First Chapter Released from The Essence of Eternity - II

I have been wondering whether it's smart and useful to publish chapters from an unpublished book as teasers. Well I have just published my first book "The essence of Eternity - Awaken" but I am already in the process of writing the second part. Is it clever? Should I do it? Below you may find a chapter from book II; one that I love a lot...
Let me know what your thoughts are!
Should I publish more?

Monday, July 23, 2012

The Black Keys - Lonely boy

I love this song...
Well from time to time I find a new song that sticks in my mind and I keep singing it all day...This is it. Lonely excellent, so rock and mellodic...
I got a love that keeps me waiting
Such great lyrics; if love doesn't keep us waiting, it gets old and boring...
I want to wait and then wait some more...
Am I a bit masochist? Well, I don't know...As Bella (Twilight) was saying:
And then the lamp fell in love with the lion!
Stupid lamp!

Sunday, July 22, 2012


Well, since the very first day I discovered this excellent place for new writers and poets I am really thrilled and astonished. There is so much talent in there. I never liked poetry before...Actually I never tried to compose a poem. I was always into novels and books. I don't even like short stories; when I read and I like what I read I don't want it to end, so the bigger the book the better...but in there...Oh man! there are a lot of great poems and short stories...I would suggest that everybody that has even the slightest need to express himself to go in there and read, review, write...excellent site!

Friday, July 20, 2012

A Friday morning

I woke up this morning, really glad and thankfull it's finally Friday and then God! (or whoever plays with our lives) decided that I need to get to work late and with my nerves tensed as guitar strings!!! So I got in my car and the radio didn't play anything good for about 30', there was a huge traffic jam on the main road to work and above all I kept watching cars fully loaded, ready for a long weekend, leaving Athens annoyingly slow! Well, what more could I ask for this wonderful morning!
Anyways...It's still I in love?
Have a nice weekend...

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Holiday photos

People should really stop uploading photos from holidays on Greek islands... we are melting in Athens!

Awkward moment

The awkward moment when you want to start blogging and your mind is completely stuck!!!