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New characters in the book

I introduce to you Marian & Belicious! I love their story...
From book The Essence of Eternity - II - The Quest

Sunday 03:17, May 23rd, 2010
The High Council of Immortality has just been released. Belicious is sitting behind his desk, still annoyed by everything that happened the past month. He cannot believe things have gone so awfully wrong. Markus is dead, but this is the least of his problems and worries. He didn't give a damn about the boy anyway. He mourned his powerful soldiers though. Six of his most capable and trained immortals were also killed during the fights and now he has to find a way to replace them. Nobody is irreplaceable. The Goddess had taught him that, but still, this is quite a hustle. Wrapped in his thoughts, he does not pay attention to the door opening. He sees Marian only when she stands in front of him, all sexy and gorgeous. What is she doing here? He did not expect her for sure!
"Hello Marian; stunning as always. How may I serve you?" In his mind he is already undressing her. He has been longing for her since the first day he saw her, even before she changed into a vampire. He did everything he could to get her into his bed. Now she is standing here in front of him, in her tinny red dress, alone, without a mate. There must be only one reason she came to him for. She needs a male to support her and protect her and her young and he is damn willing to be that male.
"Hello Belicious..." She is using her sexy voice. She knows the effect she has on him. She knows he wants her, very much indeed. He had even proposed to her to become his mate, just before she fell in love with Mark. Belicious would be a decent choice and she even considered his proposal, but then Mark came along and in fact she had no choice. He was the love of her life. Now that he is gone, it makes no difference. She knows she will not love anyone again, so she better chooses the strongest one; Belicious is powerful indeed and not bad looking at all. She is looking at him sitting behind his desk, with his expensive suit and his hungry burning eyes and she can't help but admiring his strength. He is dressed in pale grey colors today and his Italian suit matches his grey eyes. He keeps his long hair tight in a ponytail and he seems imposing and distant. She approaches the desk and bends over a bit, enough for her breasts to pop out of her tight dress. She smiles seductively and continues.
"I am here, because I wanted to see you." She smiles again and circles a curl around her finger. She teases him and provokes him at the same time. She knows she must be careful though. She doesn't want to bring his bad side to the surface. She knows the stories. Belicious gets what he wants, one way or the other. The only reason she managed to get away the first time was that she got pregnant with Mark's child, but now Mark is dead and she is unprotected and available.
"Well, whenever you want to see me, you just call me and I can come to you. I don't want you to walk in the night dressed like that. There is danger out there." In just a flash of the eye, he is standing behind her, so close she can feel his body on hers. He smells wonderful. Power mixed with blood and men's cologne is seductive. She turns to face him and finds herself blushing from the heat of the moment. She can't believe this is happening to her body, especially after all the grief she still feels from Mark's death.
"There are not many things more dangerous than you and me!" She finds her breath again; she needs to finish what she started. She came here with a purpose and she must complete it. She places her hand softly on his torso and maintains her distance.
"So, what are you really doing here? You saw me, and?" Belicious can't take his eyes off of her.
She decides that this is it; either she finds the strength to play him now or loses her chance for ever. Belicious is not a male you can fuck with and get away with it afterwards. If he understands her intentions she may even end up dead. She whispers in his ear.
"I wanted to know whether you are still interested in me." She comes closer, looks deep in his eyes and rubs her breasts on his torso. "Whether your proposal still stands?" The bait is on the table.
Belicious does not speak; he takes her face is his big hands and kiss her intensely and passionately. Marian enjoys the kiss. She understands he is completely aroused and she likes it. She did not expect that. She was wondering how she would manage to hide her hate and repulsion, but this is not the case at all. All this power and fear Belicious radiates are indeed luring. This does not mean she will cave in, but at least she can also enjoy what needs to be done to achieve her utter cause. She kisses him back and attaches her whole body on his. Belicious is very close to madness. He really does not understand what is so special about this female that drives him insane. He fondles her body over her red dress. It is so soft and delicate, he can easily imagine her naked. His excitement rises and his fangs grow longer. He kisses her on her neck and drives his tongue lower to her breasts that seem to suffocate inside her black bra. He could rip her dress like lightning and take her but this is not what he wants. She is too gorgeous and sexy and he wants to savor her. She is not for just one night.
Before he can make the first move and let her free, she pushes him back teasingly.
"Well, not here and not tonight. I want to prepare something special for you. For having me back after everything that happened." She licks her lips promisingly and smiles widely. She is indeed a magnificent female. She is all blushed and inflamed by his kisses. He could get used to having her around him. Yes, this could really work out better than expected.
"Fine, but I want to see you again soon. When will that be?" he can't hide his eagerness.
"How about Monday night? I want to take the baby to my parents tomorrow so that we could be alone." She smiles again. This is working really well. If she can manage to make him love her he can find out everything she needs about the council. Then she will take her revenge.
"Excellent. I will be looking forwards to it." Belicious gives her another kiss and escorts her to her car. He is already under her spell.
He watches her leaving and all he can think about is their date.


The first days following Mark's death were torturing for Marian. She couldn't believe she had lost her male; the love of her life; her partner; her husband. Nothing, even her young one, could make her feel better. It was unfair. It was so unfair. All Mark ever wanted was for them to have a quiet life and then Belicious asked him to join the Council. He did not want to do it at the beginning and neither did Marian, but they stuffed his head with lies and promises and he accepted. And now he is gone, forever, and Marian needs to find the strength to go on with her life. She has a daughter to take care of. At least he gave her this present; her precious little baby.
She wanted to revenge his death. She would revenge his death at any cause.
The couple of weeks after that awful day she was doing some research to understand what really happened. How did Mark really die? When Belicious came to visit her right after his death, he had told her that her husband was reckless and arrogant. He underestimated his enemy and got killed. She never believed that. Mark was always too careful and conscious. She knew from the beginning that she couldn't trust Belicious. He did not even seem saddened by Mark's death. He tried to convince her that it was all Mark's fault and that she should get a period of grief and then get over it. He could help her get over it. Whenever she needed him, he would stand by her side. She knew what that meant. He would be there for her if she gave him what he wanted since the beginning. She didn't need him to be there for her but she needed him in order to take revenge. She would get back to whoever did this to her husband and then she would also get back to Belicious and the stupid Council. She just needed to find a way to get deeper in all this. She wanted to get involved with the Council, so she could find a way to revenge Mark's death from the inside.
Marian was very beautiful, she knew that. She was tall and well built, with long sexy legs and full breasts. Her blonde curly hair added a bit of tease in the equation and her promising red lips just went perfectly along with her green eyes. She could easily seduce a man if she wanted to. She also knew that most of the vampires of the city wanted her. She used to have many proposals until she decided to mate with Mark. Now it was time to use her appearance to serve her purpose. She would accept Belicious proposal and use him to achieve her target. Her body was the last thing she cared about. He could have her. Mark was never coming back anyway.

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